Book Review: The Anonymous Source – A. C. Fuller

Release Date: June 12th 2015
Publisher: Booktrope Editions
Pages: 352
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A shocking news story, buried evidence and witnesses turning up dead, who is behind this conspiracy?

One year after the 9/11 attacks, Alex Vane–a brilliant reporter for The New York Standard–wants nothing more than to break into the flashy world of TV news. But when he uncovers the scoop of a lifetime, his tightly controlled world is rocked: his editor buries his story, a source turns up dead, and Alex finds himself at the center of a violent media conspiracy. 

As he receives tips from a mysterious source, Alex enlists the help of a captivating professor, Camila Gray. Aided by an Internet genius, a billionaire’s sexy widow, and a washed-up sports reporter, Alex and Camila discover a $500-million secret that could derail the largest media merger in history.
It’s a secret that unearths dark memories from Alex’s past. It’s a secret that leads back to the morning of 9/11. And it’s a secret that could get them both killed.


Hello and welcome to the blog tour for The Anonymous Source, run by the lovely Sage’s Blog Tours. This book is a really fascinating and exciting read. I must start off by saying that thriller books are not really my thing, but once in a while one crops up that just blows me away, and The Anonymous Source is definitely one of those books. Recently I’ve been reading a lot of fantasy and science fiction, so it was wonderful to read a book grounded in the here and now, and that was something that particularly struck me about this book. It feels real. I felt like I could be in New York at that moment. The detail is brilliant and the author paints a very vivid and real picture of the bustling city streets.

The plot is a pretty fast paced one, but it doesn’t skip over details and definitely keeps the reader entertained and itching to know more. Fuller’s writing is a pleasure to read and it’s easy to get completely immersed in his prose. There were several times where I sat down for a few minutes to read a chapter and before I knew it I’d been sitting for over an hour.The story is an exciting one, lots of clues are left and the reader definitely has to try and root out all the details behind the conspiracy. It’s an absolute pleasure to read and given its setting during the aftermath of 9/11, it adds another layer to an already intriguing and fascinating story.

The characters are also really fascinating ones. Alex Vane is an interesting character to follow around. He’s determined, something of a playboy but ultimately has a good heart.  While Alex is a great character, for me Camilla stole the show a little. Her and Alex make the perfect team and she’s such a great character. I won’t say too much about it so as not to spoil the story, but this one is definitely a book worth reading. If suspense thrillers are your thing, or your looking for something a little different this summer, add The Anonymous Source to your reading list.


Book Review: The Oracle – Michael H. Sedge

Release Date: 12th March 2014
Publisher: The Sedge Group LLC
Pages: 174.
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A dark and interesting tale about the mysticism of Greek mythology.

David Jeffreys is a best selling American author, he moves to Naples with his wife and daughter in order to serve out his retirement in peace. But his wife harbours a deep resentment towards him, feeling abandoned as he focuses on his writing and his daughter. She begins a series of affairs, and when Jeffreys finds out, the night spirals out of control, resulting in the murder of Jeffreys and his daughter. Several years later David’s brother Jake and his family decide to take a vacation in Naples, visiting Jennifer, the widow of his dead brother. The vacation starts out glorious, but things in the house begin to make the guests feel uneasy, and Jennifer is acting very strange, what exactly happened the night of David’s death?

I love Greek mythology and the opening prologue about the oracle dwelling in a deep cave was very enticing. The first few chapters too when there are hints of mythology and magical goings on, but then it turns towards a crime thriller, the messy death of the family and the subsequent reveal of the truth many years later. It kind of felt like the prologue didn’t fit with the rest of the story, and the mythology aspect did not seem as integrated as I had anticipated it to be.

Despite this, it’s still an interesting story. The reveal at the end of the story is a fairly unsurprising one, you can guess early on what’s going to happen, but it’s well written and still enjoyable to read. In terms of plot, it kept me interesting without seeming boring and it wasn’t too fast paced either.

One thing I really did enjoy was the setting, it was very well described and it really felt like the author knew Italy well, I could easily imagine the places he was describing. If you regard the book purely as a mystery thriller – disregarding the earlier chapters, it makes for an exciting mystery thriller, but it wasn’t particularly what I was expecting. I am on the fence about the book in general as the story itself is a pretty interesting one but the integration of the mythology was a big issue for me. I kept waiting for some sort of link to tie everything together, but that didn’t appear.

I liked the characters well enough, it was easy to follow. I particularly liked Jake’s connection to archaeology, and I expected a lot more to come from that, rather than just background information. It makes for an all round enjoyable but average read, but if you enjoy mystery thrillers the book is self-published and is available on Net-Galley for free, happy reading!

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Book Review: Lust – Mike Wells

Series: Lust, Money and Murder – Book One.
Release Date: June 2011
Pages: 106.
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An exciting, fast paced thriller that I was unable to put down!

Elaine and her father live in a run down area of Pittsburgh. Despite not having a lot of money Elaine’s father does everything he can in order to send his daughter to a private school, and ensure she receives the best possible education. After spending two thousand dollars on modelling training from the Rising Star Agency, Elaine realises she has been the victim of a scam, threatening the sleazy owners of the company, they return her money. Feeling elated at having obtained the money she returns home and gives the money to her father. Days later the police arrest Elaine’s father for possession of counterfeit money. This ultimately rockets Elaine on to a career path to the secret service’s counterfeit money division, in order to obtain justice for her innocent father, but making it in the secret service is tough, and how does she know who she can trust?

Wow what a cliffhanger! This book is a wild ride, and you’ll be hooked from the first few pages. I sat down to read a few chapters before bed and before I knew it I was burning the midnight oil and the book was finished. It’s very fast paced and leaves you with such a shock ending, you’ll be desperate to buy books two and three.

Elaine is a great character, she’s likeable she works hard and she is portrayed in a very realistic manner. I often think when you read thriller novels with secret service or FBI agencies they come off a bit over the top with James Bond car scenes and explosions. Lust does not follow that pattern, it’s exciting and fun but it doesn’t feel ridiculous, it’s extremely believable and Wells writes in a very detailed manner – I know very little about counterfeit money but everything seemed very well researched and informative – without being overly technical or dull.

It’s a great little mystery that will keep you guessing, and I have seen many people compare this to the work of Sidney Sheldon. It holds all the key ingredients for a wonderful story, a great heroine, a touch of romance, a splash of mystery and all the interesting little tidbits in between. Lust is currently free via Amazon as well as the author’s website, so if you’re interested head over to Mike Wells’s Blog for more info, I promise you won’t be disappointed!

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